Spice Set, Flavors of Malaysia

  • Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in Asia - a result of its strategic location during the spice trade.  Merchants, traders, and laborers flocked to the peninsula as colonial powers vied for its land and resources.  This history is evident today in the sizable populations of Malaysian-Chinese and Malaysian-Indians, living alongside Malays.

    These three main groups - Malay, Chinese, and Indian - form the essence of Malaysian culture, which for many, is best represented in the nation's famous dishes.  The variety is endless, but for an introductory taste, try our Flavors of Malaysia Spice Set

    The Set includes our handcrafted Malaysian Satay Seasoning, Tandoori Seasoning, and Penang-style Chinese Five Spice.  Try chicken satay sticks on the grill, just like you'll find at every night market in Malaysia.  For one of the most popular Indian dishes in Malaysia, marinate meaty chicken pieces (or fish or veggies) with tandoori seasoning, and cook over embers.  And for a taste of local Chinese cuisine, add the five spice into spring rolls, or roast meat like duck and pork (or simply marinate pork chops for the grill).

    This Flavors of Malaysia Spice Set makes a great addition to your spice rack, or a fun gift idea to someone who loves Malaysian culture and food. Click on the "Set Contents" tab for details.
  • Our Flavors of Malaysia Spice Set includes the following:

    *Malaysian Satay Seasoning (Medium glass jar, 20g)
    *Tandoori Seasoning (Medium glass jar, 28g)
    *Penang-style Chinese Five Spice (Medium glass jar, 23g)

  • Click on the images below for recipe ideas using the Flavors of Malaysia Spice Set:

  • Our Flavors of Malaysia Spice Set includes the following glass jar sizes:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (holds about 14 tsp)

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