Chili Powder, Bird's Eye

  • When you really need to spice things up*, try our Bird's Eye Chili Powder - it has about twice the heat as cayenne pepper.  Perfect for sprinkling into Thai, Malaysian, and other Southeast Asian dishes.  And a must for Sichuan recipes, like we do when we blend in the Bird's Eye Chili Powder into our Spicy Sichuan Seasoning

    *That burning sensation on your tongue is from a compound in chili peppers called capsaicin that has been studied for its many potential health benefits. If you would like to learn more about chili peppers, and capsaicin, explore our article "Spices Unearthed: Chili Pepper"
  • Our Bird's Eye Chili Powder is sold in the following glass jars:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (holds about 14 tsp)
    - Large glass jar with gold metal lid (holds about 24 tsp)

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