Yuanyang Coffee-Tea Mix

  • One of our personal favorite drinks from Asia is a simple, yet delicious mix of coffee, tea, milk, and sugar, called Yuanyang 鸳鸯. This coffee-tea mix originated in Hong Kong, but quickly became popular in many surrounding countries like Malaysia and Singapore, where it is referred to as either yuanyang or kopi cham.

    As the name implies, our Yuanyang Coffee-Tea Mix consists of just two premium ingredients – Ceylon Tea & Espresso. The smoothness of the tea and the richness of the coffee, mixed with your preferred amount of milk and sugar, makes an addicting drink, especially when served with ice.

    Find recipes for both Iced Yuanyang and Hot Yuanyang on our blog.
  • Yuanyang Coffee-Tea Mix ingredients: Premium Ceylon Tea, Espresso
  • Our Yuanyang Coffee-Tea Mix is sold in the following glass jar:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (34g, about 14 tsp)

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