Star Anise Pods

  • Star Anise Pods are the dried, unripe fruits from an evergreen tree, which are cultivated in China and Vietnam, where the spice is widely used in traditional medicine, and in cooking as an essential ingredient in Chinese Five Spice. The spice is sweet with a strong licorice-like aroma and flavor, and has warming properties that make it a wonderful addition to stews and soups like Vietnamese Pho.

    You can also try our whole or broken star anise pods in fried rice and stir-fried veggie dishes. And in the winter, add the spice to poached pears and mulled wine. Click on the "Recipe Ideas" tab to find out more.

    We offer our star anise in two forms - whole stars (for displaying the spice on a dessert dish), or broken stars (for use in soups and Asian dishes).
  • Try adding our whole or broken star anise pods into your next soup broth, like we did in our Asian-style Beef Barley Soup.  Or try adding our star anise pods into your rice as you cook it to impart a wonderful aroma as we did in our popular Malaysian rice dish called Nasi Lemak.

    Click on the images below for these recipes and more using Star Anise:

    Asian style beef barley soup recipe made with star anise by SeasonWithSpice.comMalaysian Nasi Lemak recipe made with star anise by SeasonWithSpice.comrecipes with star anise
  • Our Star Anise pods (Whole or Broken) are sold in the following glass jars:

    - Large glass jar with gold metal lid 

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