Mace (Ground)

  • In whole form, nutmeg and mace couldn’t look more opposite – nutmeg is a brown seed and mace is a bright, red aril.  But when ground, it would be difficult for most to tell them apart by either aroma or taste. That’s because both spices are found inside the same tropical, nutmeg fruit.

    Mace does have a slightly more delicate flavor than nutmeg, but the difference is so subtle that one can be substituted for the other in most recipes. Try adding our Ground Mace into dessert recipes, as well as many savory dishes like soups & stews.  Click on the "Recipe Ideas" tab to find out more.

    To learn more about mace - how it is cultivated, harvested, and used, as well as its many potential health benefits - explore our articles “Spices Unearthed: Nutmeg & Mace” and “Spotlight on Spice: Nutmeg Factory”.
  • Try our ground mace in homemade soup recipes like Cream of Mushroom, or in Minnesota Chicken Noodle Soup. Or try sprinkling the spice into a Christmas Rum Eggnog.

    Click on the images below for these recipes and more using Ground Mace:
    how to make eggnog recipe by season with spice shopcream of mushroom soup recipe by season with spice shoprecipes with ground mace
  • Our Ground Mace is sold in the following glass jars:

    - Small glass jar with black plastic lid (holds about 7 tsp)

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