Long Pepper

  • Admittedly one of our stranger looking spices, Long Pepper (Piper Longum) was not always as unfamiliar as it is today.  Native to India, long pepper was once as commonly used in kitchens throughout Europe as its close relative, Piper Nigrum (the pepper vine where we get black and white peppercorns from).  As the Spice Route opened to European exploration, black pepper and chili peppers reigned king, and long pepper faded in popularity, and unfortunately from seasoning our food.

    Our Long Pepper has a welcoming heat - slightly sweet and spicy with earthy tones.  It can be ground and used in place of black pepper, especially when making Southeast Asian and South Asian marinades. 

  • Our Long Pepper is sold in the following glass jars:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (holds about 14 tsp)

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