Chili Powder, Kashmiri

  • Our Kashmiri Chili Powder imparts a vibrant, fruity, medium-hot spiciness to dishes, most notably in northern Indian cuisine. But this warming chili pepper powder also adds a delectable heat to any Asian dish from Thai soups to Chinese stir-fries. Click on the “Recipes” tab to find out more.

    "A chili powder for all reasons!  Kashmiri Chili Powder is THE chili powder to accurately control the taste and heat of any curry sauce.  I have used it many times and continue to marvel at its features. A truly GREAT product." -Stuart from Oregon
  • Try our Kashmiri chili powder in Okra & Tomato Curry, Chermoula Spiced Roasted Chicken, Coconut Turkey Curry, or Mushroom Masala. Or add a few dashes of the spice into a pot of Chicken Chili, or bowl of Chunky Guacamole.

    Click on the images below for these recipes and more using Kashmiri Chili Powder:

  • Our Kashmiri Chili Powder is sold in the following glass jars:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (holds about 14 tsp)
    - Large glass jar with gold metal lid (holds about 24 tsp)

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