Japanese Seaweed Seasoning (Furikake)

  • Furikake – the popular Japanese seasoning for sprinkling on rice, soba, and other dishes – can come in many forms.  More often than not, it’s a blend of seaweed and sesame seeds, sometimes salt & sugar, as well as bonito (fish) flakes for an extra savory flavor.

    In our blend of furikake – Japanese Seaweed Seasoning – we wanted to create a more versatile blend that could be used to sprinkle on a wide variety of dishes, to enhance but not overpower the overall flavor.  That’s why we left out fish flakes, and focused on mixing a good balance of sesame & seaweed.  We begin with toasted white sesame seeds and roasted black sesame seeds to give the blend a warm, nutty crunch.  Then we stir in the seaweed – finely chopped nori and wildcrafted dulse flakes.  The nori and dulse both give the blend a healthy dose of vitamins, iodine, and minerals. Just sprinkling a little of the seasoning onto your food a few times a week will help contribute to a more balanced, nutritious diet.

    Try our Japanese Seaweed Seasoning on onigiri (Japanese rice balls), cold soba, sushi, white or brown rice, grilled salmon, salads, and avocados.  Click on the “Recipes” tab to find out more.

  • We will be posting recipes shortly using our Japanese Seaweed Seasoning (Furikake). Check back soon, or please follow our blog to receive recipes directly to your inbox as we share them.
  • Japanese Seaweed Seasoning (Furikake) ingredients: Toasted sesame seeds, roasted black sesame seeds, nori flakes, dulse flakes
  • Our Japanese Seaweed Seasoning is sold in the following glass jars:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (holds about 14 tsp)
    - Large glass jar with gold metal lid (holds about 24 tsp)

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