Matcha Powder, Premium Japanese

  • Our Premium Japanese Matcha Powder 抹茶 is produced from the highest quality green tea leaves, which are delicately dried, de-stemmed, and de-veined, before being ground into a creamy, fine, vibrant green powder.  With low astringency, and a hint of a lingering, vanilla-like after-taste, our pure Japanese matcha powder is wonderful in tea, smoothies, ice creams, and in your favorite baking recipes.

    Our Japanese matcha powder is also a healthier alternative to a cup of green tea or coffee.  Because you're consuming the tea leaves, instead of just steeping them, you receive significantly more antioxidants than from a cup of green tea.  In addition, matcha has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but unlike coffee, the caffeine from matcha is absorbed by your body at a much slower rate.  This gives you longer lasting energy without the strong side effects that caffeine from coffee can bring about.  (For a spiced version of matcha, try our handcrafted Matcha Chai Tea Blend)

    Because of the quality of this Japanese matcha, with its refreshingly bright green color, it's essential to store the jar in a cool, dark cupboard in your kitchen.  We also recommend using the matcha within one month of opening the jar (it can be used longer, but the color will slowly fade).
  • Easy Matcha Latte Recipe:
    1. Add 1 - 1.5 teaspoons of our Premium Japanese Matcha Powder into a cup.
    2. Pour in a tablespoon of hot water or milk (about 180F) into the cup, and stir well until all clumps are gone, and the mixture forms into a paste.
    3. Pour in 1/2 - 3/4 cup of heated milk (and about a teaspoon of sugar - optional), and whisk rapidly in a zigzag motion to dissolve the matcha as much as possible, and to create a foamy top.
    4. Drink immediately, stirring on occasion as some powder will begin to settle on bottom.
    [For a traditional version, replace the milk with water, and omit the sugar]

    You can also try a morning Avocado-Matcha Smoothie. Or for a fun twist, try a holiday-inspired Matcha Eggnog. Click on the images below for recipes:

  • Our Premium Japanese Matcha Powder is sold in the following glass jar:

    - Medium glass jar with silver metal lid (35g, which is about 14 tsp)

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