Fennel Seeds (Whole)

  • With a sweet, refreshing, licorice-like flavor, our fennel seeds - offered in whole or ground form - wonderfully enhance the flavor of roasted fish or pork.  And the spice is an essential ingredient in Chinese Five Spice and Indian curry blends.  Click on the "Recipe Ideas" tab to find out more.

    If you would like to learn more about fennel seeds, explore our article "Spices Unearthed: Fennel Seeds"
  • Looking for light, refreshing dishes? Try our fennel seeds in Vegetarian Pasta with Toasted Fennel Seeds, or in an After Dinner Mint Fennel Ice Cream.

    Click on the images below for these recipes and more using Fennel Seeds:

    Vegetarian pasta recipe with toasted fennel seeds by SeasonWithSpice.comMint-fennel ice cream recipe by SeasonWithSpice.comrecipes with whole fennel seeds
  • Our Whole Fennel Seeds are sold in the following glass jars:

    - Small glass jar with black plastic lid (holds about 7 tsp)


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