Q: When did Season with Spice open?

We created Season with Spice in April 2011 as a food site focused on recipes and information on spices.  The site quickly grew, receiving over 3,000 visitors per day by the summer of 2012.  At that time, we moved back to Minnesota and decided to develop a spice shop, to make Asian spices & blends available to visitors to our site.  By the end of 2012, our spice company - Season with Spice LLC - was established and licensed through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  By the spring of 2013, we were in full operation, selling spices to customers from around the country. [Read some Testimonials from our customers]


Q: Are there any fillers in your spices and blends?

Absolutely not.  No fillers, no artificial ingredients, no MSG.  We use all our products in our own cooking, so you will never find those types of ingredients in our spices & blends.


Q: What jar size should I order?

For ground spices, we recommend ordering the size you think you can finish in 3-6 months.  For whole spices, the size you think you can finish in 12 months (Note: our small jars hold about 7 teaspoons, medium jars about 14 teaspoons, and large jars about 24 teaspoons).